Gearing Up

It’s happened! The last camp of the summer finally wrapped up. What’s that mean? Well, it means two things:
1) The Board is excited to invite you to our Volunteer Banquet on September 5 at 6 PM. This year we are inviting our volunteers, contributors, and members of this community to all come together to celebrate what God has done over the last 12 months. This is a night to thank your work for Jesus and this community. The Board will also take opportunity to share about the future. Our future is exciting. Don’t miss the Volunteer Banquet!

2) We are gearing up for an exciting fall here at the Friendship Baptist Center. All of our school year ministries begin: Kid’s Club, Disciples, Mom’s group, ESL, etc. Each of these ministries is a great time where this community and our churches team up to walk together in a particular area. If you are a regular giver to the Center or a member of the Friendship Center 100, thank you so much for making these ongoing ministries possible. As you give, we work together in this community to help, teach, grow, and seek Jesus. We do it together. Please continue to give and see how God will work through your gifts!

One last reminder: Our Interim Director, John Jakes is at the Center nearly everyday. You can contact the Center or the Board through him.
How? Through the phone: 515-244-1701
through email:
or through our Facebook page. Don’t hesitate to contact him in any of these ways with questions or just to say hi. He would love to talk with you.

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